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Subrogation Lien Reviews made easy!

Discover our expertise and get more money for your clients.



Since 2000, I have been providing medical risk management consulting services to attorneys in Florida and beyond. A nurse and patient advocate with exceptional experience managing medical litigation and have strategically planned innovative solutions for complex medical cases resulting in profitable outcomes valued at over 60 million dollars in trials and early settlement awards.


Subrogation liens are more prevalent than ever due to increasing medical and hospitalization costs. To help plaintiff attorneys reduce liens without having to reduce fees, I have assembled an knowledgeable team to provide cost-effective consulting. 

SLR Risk Managers have experience in nursing, medical billing/coding, and forensic accounting. We provide excellence in customer service and analysis while negotiating payouts with lien holders. SLR will work with you and your team to create a customized plan of action to obtain the highest yield for your client.

Subrogation liens can be challenging. SLR Risk Managers simplify the subrogation process by providing cost effective and professional consulting. Our first priority is to our clients and providing HIPAA compliant negotiations with lien holders to reduce subrogation liens. Get in touch to learn more about our vision and consulting approach.


Subrogation Lien Reviews

While  health insurance companies and government medical  program may have a right to a subrogation or lien interest, they sometimes try to get reimbursed for more than they are entitled. 


SLR risk managers have the knowledge and experience to analyze medical service billing with comparison of accident to injuries sustained and legal claims. SLR simplifies the subrogation lien process by determining the actual cost of care and eliminating any non-case related costs. SLR negotiates with insurance companies to reduce payouts prior to settlement.


SLR will exceed your expectations by providing timely assistance, accurate reports, and effective negotiations. Contact SLR today to learn more about how we can help reduce lien payouts, putting more money in your client's pocket. 


Additional Services

SLR medical experts are committed to providing accurate and cost effective medical litigation consulting. We understand the complexity of personal injury, medical malpractice, and worker's compensation cases and are dedicated patient advocates that like winning.

  • Expert Witness Location and Recruitment

  • Trial Preparation

  • On-site Trial Assistance

  • Medical Event Analysis

SLR Risk Managers will help you achieve the highest return on your contingent investment. SLR can provide assistance with discovery, recruiting qualified experts, or providing on-site assistance during mediation or trial. something more complex. Call today to speak with a SLR Risk Manager about your case. 

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

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